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This is my corner dedicated to reverse engineering, malware, rootkits, and security. Content is mostly dedicated to Mac OS X and also iOS.

My objective is to learn more about OS X and spread knowledge about whatever I find. Pursuit of knowledge, not illegal stuff!
Every bit of information can be used for good and for evil. If you are the copyright owner of any program/protection mentioned here and want the information removed please contact me.

Contact information:

  • Email: reverser a@t put.as.
  • Twitter: @osxreverser.
  • IRC: irc.freenode.net – #osxre.

Most of the source code is available at Github: https://github.com/gdbinit.

My PGP key fingerprint is: 7B05 44D1 A1D5 3078 7F4C E745 9BB7 2A44 ED41 BF05.

The public key is also available here.

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