Cracking a Mac OS X Screensaver

There are days I “hate” my obsessive and curious mind! The day I was checking Apple Just added downloads feed and found this nice screensaver is one of those.

3D Desktop Aquarium Screensaver (available at grabbed my attention because it looks nice and I love fishes. As usual, I started poking around and decided I had to crack it because I never did a screensaver before.

The result is another tutorial πŸ˜„. It’s not a step by step clear and simple tutorial but you should be able to do something useful with it (or maybe not). Buy the screensaver if you really like it and use it!

And now, back to my GMAT study, my mind has one less thing to process in parallel.

Have fun,

screensavertutorial.txt (SHA1(screensavertutorial.txt)= 00934ce1f2f637dbd85165a35eae0ca61d7697b0)
desktopaquarium3dsstrial.dmg (SHA1(DesktopAquarium3DSS.Trial.dmg)= ef39ae42d2f0920d9bfc17309da265e8573f20cc)

P.S.: Line breaks are messed up so you should see the tutorial with a text editor and not with the browser. Sorry too lazy to fix it now.