is back in a new format…

I have been thinking about this and how to get this blog back to life. My free time has been almost zero but I miss the motivation to put my brain to tinker and create new things to publish, because reversing and everything around it sometimes is a great relaxing activity for me.

The last couple of days I had to revisit one of my favourite books ever, where it is written that “DO NOT COVET YOUR IDEAS: Give away everything you know, and more will come back to you.”. This was my original spirit and I miss it, even if the world is full of idiots who just want personal profit.

Since I don’t have so much time and I always wanted others to contribute, I’m searching for people who want to contribute and have a writing place at this blog. If people really miss this and find it a source of knowledge and value then they should contribute to it because it’s the only way to advance OS X reversing knowledge. Drop me an email so we can talk about it, if you are interested.

The new format will not have anything related to cracking and reversing protections, unless it’s about very specific bits that are really important and advance the general knowledge. I want to focus more on tools and new tricks, malware, packers and all that stuff. I know it will always have some impact into the protections world but if idiots want to release stuff then it is their problem. The latest news about a global treaty for copyright protections and infrigements should change the game.

So let’s see if this can go forward or not. If yes then I will get all the content back (non cracking related) and do my best to get this ship sailing once again.


5 thoughts on “ is back in a new format…

  1. Hi.

    I didn’t find your email address so I’m dropping a comment instead. I’ve been doing plenty of reverse engineering myself, both to make my own app “more secure” and also to take advantage of stuff that you aren’t necessarily meant to tinker with.

    I really enjoy(id) your blog and think it’s something that can also help developers. I’m sorry that other people have used your material in a wrong way and wish that there was a community where people could exchange ideas without of misusing them.

    – H

    1. My original idea for the return was a private site by invitation and each member would have to contribute with something to enter it.
      It can be done if enough interested people show up.

  2. Hello fG!,

    i’m really happy that you are back. I totally agree with you and it sounds funny, but what you proposed for the new direction of this blog is in my mind since a year or so. I planned to develop some utilities for protecting osx-applications, just to make it more difficult to reverse an app. I would love to share my experience, although i don’t have enough time at the moment. But when nothing cropped up, i can start in a month.

    Drop me a line, if you want.


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