OS X Crackmes


I have just added a page to collect crackmes for OS X. I have added the ones that I already had and some recommended from user comments. Since corruptfire.com seems down I cannot retrieve the other ones they had.

If you have more crackmes please mail them to me so I can add them to the page. It would be nice to start having more crackmes developed for OS X.


3 thoughts on “OS X Crackmes

  1. Thanks for the crackMes fG!

    Any chance you can write some new about opcodes? i’m struggling to go from changing the flow of apps into making it stick using hex editor since i don’t know how to what i’m doing. You’re Slidpad tutorial only touches the hex editing and patching only very briefly touches this for the very specific example.

  2. Hi fG!

    Do you know where i can read about ways of dealing with Dynamic function calls and how to use breakpoints in gdb for such scenarios?

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