Very small update...


I just updated the crackmes with #5 from MSJ challenge and added a new tool for encrypting/decrypting apple encrypted binaries. I had planned to do this tool but it’s great that someone did it first! It’s good to see people developing tools for OS X, even if they are very simple. Thank you to the author and to the guy who pointed me to it and sent the crackme 😉.

My free time is back to very restricted and so I have been advancing very slowly on some projects. I have yet to fix Onyx to 64 bit and to release an update to ptool (fixed some bugs, added more output information, and added a simple option to modify the entrypoint).

Anyway, if you find more tools and crackmes feel free to send them to me. I love to collect this stuff and I can centralize that information (no monetary reasons since I don’t have any banners. Btw the original url for the encryptor/decryptor is this.

As usual, have fun! Keep learning but don’t spread your cracks 😉.