There is a new GDB Cocoa frontend in town courtesy of Kurt. It’s still in early stages but it’s always interesting to have people developing tools for OS X. Congrats to Kurt. You can contact him at kurt@osxdbg.co.cc for bug reporting!

I also bring you two pics from an old HardLock dongle that I found while tidying up some drawers. It’s a parallel port HardLock Eye v4.1b, and it has like 8 years or more (can’t really remember heheh). When I started reversing 15+ years ago, dongles were at the top of the chain and so that’s what I wanted to beat. There were some really good guys doing it, such as Crackz, and I had great appreciation for the ones that reversed the dongle ASICs – hardware reversing is something that misses on my portfolio and that I would love to learn (maybe some day if real life allows it). So here it is the dongle in full glory (although it’s a pretty simple piece of hardware heheh):

hardlock eye front
hardlock eye back

Grab the debugger here:
osxdbg installer.dmg
SHA1(osxdbg installer.dmg.zip)= 85726fdbaae969abf000555f25a67eff28ad0fd1

That’s it for now. Real life is calling.