I just finished porting gdbinit to iOS. The basic stuff is working except the stepo command (one of my favourites!), the Objective-C selector and showing what will happen with conditional branches (I have to see how to implement this since ARM instructions can be conditional). I have tested it on my iPad with GDB available from Cydia (it seems you can use Apple’s version) and it works, so it should give no special problems with other iOS devices.

I had some problems implementing the commands to change conditional flags because this GDB version has the cpsr register (equivalent to eflags in x86) into a structure (found out after checking the source code hehe). Fortunately, we can see this variable as a structure (with the great command ptype (whatis is also useful), which I just discovered now – I don’t know everything about GDB hehehe!) and workaround this “problem”.

If you find any problem feel free to leave a comment or email me.

Have fun,

Here it is:
SHA256(gdbinit-ios-v0.1.gz)= 26cfdb0894d9c793abf5ccc2c780b574eddfc4826641f28b9796742bfe3b1b24

The latest version can always be found here.