I have fixed some of the missing stuff in gdbinit for iOS. Now the jump conditions are displayed for ARM and Thumb modes and the stepo command is working for ARM and semi-working for Thumb (to be fixed in the next release). Also implemented minor cosmetic changes.

The tools to show Mach-O header information and calculate offsets to be patched were also updated to support ARM binaries. Offset.pl is by default interactive (you can choose from the available architectures in the binary, if fat), and ptool.pl is able to modify the entry point for the architecture you choose. Ptool.pl also supports two more options to display only the LC_UNIXTHREAD segment (where the entrypoint is shown) and the LC_ENCRYPTION_INFO (required information to manually dump iOS binaries). It’s time to learn some Objective-C/Cocoa and convert them in graphical apps, although I still prefer command line for day to day operations.

That’s it for now.

SHA256(gdbinit-ios-v0.3.gz)= 90c7117aa33be72c87de66ac6b75d5c60e423539eb399e9faadcf0bd5569fb8b

The latest version can always be found here.

SHA256(offset1.3.pl.gz)= 2b091f2ea5fddce3ca22251b8d81578ba708811d4a3d2fdce8ae0c8a7972f1b3

SHA256(ptool1.3.pl.gz)= 715481e62978c183ccd82311acb6ccced2d12cab76a0c9ffb0345d653bce37ba