Universe’s best and legal Mac OS X reversing tutorial for newbies (or maybe not!)

I have decided to re-release my beginners tutorial, this time based on a crackme, so it deserves the upgrade to Universe instead of World.

It includes patching, serial fishing and a keygen. I have updated some errors that I found in the original tutorial.

Reversing and breaking protections is a great hobby and fantastic knowledge to possess. The problem is that many abuse this and want to profit from it. I really don’t like not sharing knowledge because sharing also allows me to progress, seeking new challenges and learning new things. I really hope that you make good use of this information and do not share your cracks with the world, especially in MSJ that is full of idiots just wanting to rip off others work. Don’t do that please. Enjoy the process, learn, get frustrated, and buy the apps if you really use them in your day to day.

Don’t make me regret once again releasing knowledge that may ease piracy! Don’t rush to MSJ spreading your cracks. Seriously, don’t spread your cracks, you don’t get any glory from that.

Have fun,

Here it is: beginners tut II.txt