Just posting a small update to gdbinit. A friend asked for colouring the registers changes as it happens in Ollydbg. I have enabled it by default (modify variable SHOWREGCHANGES if you don’t like it). I have also added a colour patch that Phillipe sent me – it will colour the 1st line of the disassembly (by default it’s off, modify variable SETCOLOUR1STLINE).

Here it is a screenshot of both options enabled:

gdbinit 7.4 screenshot

I will create a github project so everyone can contribute if they wish so. This post will be updated with the required info.

Now, back to my PowerPoint work.

Have fun,

SHA256(gdbinit74.gz)= b8caeea8848690635f756183c72a7004e82365d3b8c48235bd99926f2ab0f895


Just added version 7.4.1, which adds a small patch sent by Sofian to search for byte patterns. I forgot to add this one when I received it, more than 1 year ago. Lazy me 😦.

SHA256(gdbinit741.gz)= b981bf99f05380544d403bd26df8aee2023ef49c81605d28c82177bf6684585a

The latest version can always be found here.