After quite a few hours typing and testing stuff, here it is a very early draft of my attempt to document Apple’s sandbox implementation. The most difficult part in writing technical documentation or business plans is to get the first draft more or less ready. It’s even worse when there’s not much information about the subject. But here it is something with already quite some significant content.
In this draft I don’t like the writing style – it’s still very confuse and boring. The layout of the reference section is also a bit confuse.

What I would like to hear from you is about the content and the direction I took. If it is useful this way, if it can be (easily) understood, how can it improve, what to add more, etc.
Leave a comment, write a mail, or send me a tweet. Any feedback is appreciated! This is not an easy task.


Apple Sandbox Guide v0.1.pdf
SHA256(Apple Sandbox Guide v0.1.pdf)= a7e966d03014938af92df5a9f9eb5cfbabf01d3c22dacb701768af2aaca1866d


An improved version 0.2 is now available. Layout is improved and more content added. Still missing the mach operations. File-write-data appears to be buggy (or I am missing something).

Apple Sandbox Guide v0.2.pdf
SHA256(Apple Sandbox Guide v0.2.pdf)= a22e5baf0e88413077fdf0b421920c02f02bfae7b897ba49fb6ae5709b3e460d