This blog is more or less 4 years old (the first draft post is from 2007/09/25)… Uau, time passed by quickly! Mistakes were made, valuable lessons were learnt, new tricks developed, knowledge improved, and most important, fun!

I created this blog because there was so little public information about reversing in OS X. The act of sharing information and knowledge helps you in the research and learning process. Unfortunately I cannot share as much as I wanted to – the world is full of greed and stupidity (read Survival of the Stupidest) and someone will always misuse information. Maybe all the current economic problems make people rethink their objectives in life and the world starts to change for the better. I don’t have lots of hope about this. Let’s see if I am wrong.

Anyway, the blog will probably slow down a lot in the next couple of months. My baby girl is almost entering this world and parenting in the first months seems to be a pretty intense activity. It will be an hibernation period until everything is running smooth (I hope!).

Special thanks go to saure for the little tweaks he gave to the blog design template.

As usual, if you have anything you want to publish or spread the word about, just mail it to me. I always want to learn new things 😃.

Have fun,