A small update to gdbinit. Many thanks to snare and Plouj for their reports 😃.

Here is the changelog:

Version 7.4.3 (04/11/2011)
– Modified “hexdump” command to support a variable number of lines (optional parameter).
– Removed restrictions on type of addresses used in the “dd” command.
– Modified the assemble command to support 64bits – You will need to recompile nasm since the version shipped with OS X doesn’t supports 64bits (www.nasm.us).
Assumes that the new binary is installed at /usr/local/bin – modify the variable at the top if you need so.
It will assemble based on the target arch being debugged. If you want to use gdb for a quick asm just use the 32bits or 64bits commands to set your target.
– Added “asm” command – it’s a shortcut to the “assemble” command.
– Added configuration variable for colorized prompt. Plouj reported some issues with Ubuntu’s gdb 7.2 if prompt is colorized.


SHA256(gdbinit743.gz)= 18931eac613917b4ef63be7708dfa052e7a0edb629c7d829705e231cf2154451

The latest version can always be found here.