We have a crackme winner!!!

This Sunday I received a valid keygen solution for my crackme. Congratulations to the reverser who wishes to remain anonymous.

When the solution is available our brain stops thinking and goes into lazy mode. So, my question is when do you want to have me starting to explain some of the tricks used in that crackme? Right now? Next week? In a month?

I did some questions to the keygen author to better understand his attack. From some of his statements I think he attacked from the vector I imagined, which is probably the fastest way to attack this.

Let me know your vote on this.

Have fun,

5 thoughts on “We have a crackme winner!!!

  1. I could personally use a hint! I’ve been getting nowhere in attacking the crackme (but learning lots things about mach-o files, dynamic loading, and gdb).

  2. i am very new to this and i not sure where to start i have completed the sandwich tutorial somewhere else on here. i used the stuff i learned doing that to have a go at this and im getting nowhere … where is the best source of info regarding these things like literature e.c.t?

    many thanks guys

    1. This is an advanced level crackme.
      You will need to practice with other crackmes first.
      My Secuinside presentation also has some useful tips.

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