gdbinit v8.0: simultaneous support for x86/x86_64 and ARM architectures!

Here it is, a merge between the x86 and ARM versions of gdbinit. The only inconvenience is that you need to manually change the target, using the 32bits and 64bits commands for x86/x86_64 architectures, and arm for ARM. That’s a small price to pay for.

This version features a lot of cosmetic fixes (indentation mostly) but also some fixes to the ARM related code, and a new command – dumpmacho. This command will dump the Mach-O header to a file. You need to supply the start address and the output filename. Only the header information is dumped – sometimes I need to dump the header and load it into otool or machoview to verify some things. Just a command to automate things!

The next step is to try to compile a new iOS GDB version that features my fixes. I think I will do another attempt to add the armv7 instructions to GDB so it’s not a major pain to debug these binaries. Let’s see if I can succeed this time.

There’s no test suite for gdbinit ( testing is for chumps)! From my tests everything is working, if not leave a msg here or at github.


SHA256(gdbinit)= fb510d812dabbad968e68ad1e4916aa85400d6375e0e404f5893946151420238