A little social and economics experiment

I have a passion for the Human brain and Human behavior and I love to experiment with anything. My birthday is near so it’s a good time to go forward with this idea.
The starting point is that this blog is absolutely non-profit oriented and that status will remain forever – no banners, no donations, etc. I do it purely for fun, pleasure and knowledge improvement, altough it generates positive externalities (aka work!).
I am curious to observe what would be the result of sort of asking something in return (sort of what is the value for you). I love books (physical ones!) and that is what I am asking for. My initial idea was to create an Amazon wish list. This doesn’t work because it will disclose my shipping address. The solution that seems to work without major problems is an Amazon gift certificate – an email address and that’s it.

So what kind of amounts are we talking about? I have a very positive experience with the Amazon Marketplace and second-hand books. The descriptions are very accurate and I purchased books as new for awesome prices. As a reference point the total cost of each book I get is around €8 to €12 ($10 to $15, £6.5 to £10, including shipping (usually the significant cost!). I usually purchase from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk (gift certificates can’t be exchanged between different countries). The email address for this experiment is amazonexperience at put.as.

Let’s see how this works out. The only risk you have is if it’s a success and I get a ton of new books. Then I will have to dedicate more time to read them and less time to publish stuff! Hey, life is risky 😉.