Secuinside 2012 Review and Slides

After 27h flying around the world and hanging at airports I’m finally back home.

Secuinside 2012 in Seoul was fantastic! The organization was really great and most of all, exceptionally friendly and awesome hosts. There are minor details to work at for next year but these guys had a very short time frame to organize this one. Lots of hard work behind it!

They definitely have the talent required to take it to the next step. You should start considering putting this one in your agenda. There’s a lot of talent and good things being done in Korea that aren’t being exported to the world, so you need to be there and talk to the people. Korean companies should think about this and start by having websites with English versions. From what I saw I have a feeling they have some very interesting products, especially in the mobile arena!

I really enjoyed meeting so many interesting people and I hope my presentation was useful, even with my rookie mistake with the simultaneous translation (live & learn!).

I can’t thank enough to Ryan, beist and everyone else from the organization for all their hard work and for being such great hosts. Definitely worth the damn long trips!

Shouts to Stephen, Yusuke, Takayuki, the German CTF team (beer!!!!), Murat, Zhang XunDi, and everyone else who I talked to (apologize my crappy names-related memory, I need to continue training!).

As promised, you can find the presentation at the end of the post. I am thinking about transforming it in a white-paper or maybe a mini-book. Let’s see if it’s possible. The slides are already detailed – I wanted them to be used as reference for anyone moving to OS X reversing.

See you in a couple of days in Taiwan! Good thing that I easily adapt to jet lag.

Have fun, fG!

Secuinside 2012 Presentation.pdf