And 2012 (Gregorian calendar version) is almost over so it’s time to look back and ahead.

This year was certainly a great one for myself. Had quite a few interesting projects, went to Asia and spoke at conferences for the first time, improved a lot my skills and fulfilled the main 2012 goal. It was certainly a very busy but fun year that set the pace for 2013. The projects’ queue for 2013 is already very interesting with lots of (fun) work ahead! If everything goes as expected, April will bring a nice article and the end 2013 or early 2014 something else, hopefully a very interesting one.

I will keep doing my best to keep this blog alive and publish whatever (interesting) things I find out, outside those (pesky) NDAs.

The best wish I have for 2013 is health (as in all other years). It’s health that keeps you alive and it’s the great richness one can have. I’ve been very lucky in this department and I hope to continue like that. I wish the same for you!

Happy new year and keep having fun. Life is short so do crazy things 😃.