Let me give you a small gift before moving my ass to Paris to attend and present at NoSuchCon.

Hydra is sample code of a kernel extension that will intercept process creation, suspend, and communicate it to a userland daemon that will be in charge of patching the application.

It uses the process hijacking technique I described at SyScan presentation. Instead of injecting a library it leaves the process in a suspended state and makes its PID available for the userland daemon. This daemon will be responsible for patching and resuming the process after.

Using this technique there is no need to resign a codesign protected application because it acts after those checks are done. This is true assuming that the application does not have any additional (internal) code checksum routines. Most don’t, barely any even check codesigning result (I wanted to patch Dash, which does check the signing certificate or something and I was too lazy to find where).

As most of my code, it aims to demonstrate “technology” and different ways to do things. It is not feature complete and if I’m not mistaken all the patching could be done from the kernel (right now I’m not sure if codesigning will be verified after the interception point or not, and it is boring to verify it now).

It is available here at github. The kernel extension is fully working, the userland daemon is just a crude example of how to implement it.

See you in Paris if are attending NoSuchCon. Feel free to meet me there!

Have fun,