NoSuchCon #1 debrief and slides

NoSuchCon is over and I am finally back home. It was a really great conference with great talks and a full room all the time (let me say I am very surprised about this). The only negative thing was the projection “wall” which was really bad and “killed” almost everyone’s slides. While I understand it is an historical building, that thing must be improved, either with a temporary solution or something else. Good architecture must also be functional else it is not fulfilling its goal. Anyway, awesome conference, congrats to the organizers for all their hard work, and attendees for their enthusiastic interest.

All the conference slides are available here.

My presentation was a reworked SyScan version about OS X rootkits. The DTrace fbt was replaced by the syscall provider and an attack to Volatility, and Little Snitch was removed. Even if it was a trimmed version I still took more time than allocated. I forgot to apologize at the time for that – I just like to give too much information. Sorry for that.

The DTrace syscall provider slides contain an old attack, sysent shadowing, against Volatility. I sort of presented it because I have some issues with the conclusion paragraph at this blog post. It is always easy to find what you know about but what you do not know is not always true, even when simple tricks are being used. Memory forensics is a good progress but we must be very careful with its assumptions. That is my goal with those slides, always question the assumptions – your own and tools. As a side note, Volafox is (was?) also vulnerable to the same trick.

Greetings to everyone I met and special greetings to Arnaud and David for the excellent company and wine, even if Benfica lost the UEFA final.

Now it is time to get back to work and writing. There is at least one book to write.

Have fun,