Taipei is definitely one of my favourite cities in the world!
I love its “infinite” amount of small shops, in particular at night when lights are on. Streets look so beautiful and busy. Everyone is very friendly and respectful, and most important, I feel very safe. And the food is awesome (thank you Thomas!). I really love it! If you like Asia, Taiwan is a must visit.
The only problem is language – English is not widely spoken. It seems I will need to join my daughther when she starts learning Mandarin.

My presentation didn’t went very well because I suffered from a terrible jetlag attack the night before. Slept one hour and couldn’t remember all the slides. Didn’t help using a PDF – no next slide info! You learn with your own mistakes. And as usual I exceeded my time slot. I talk too much!

The slides are slightly changed from previous presentations, fixing/reordering some things and minor additions (small details related to OS X Mavericks).

Thank you to everyone at HiTCON for their great work.


HiTCON 2013 Presentation Slides