Eight days and 10 flights later I am back from SyScan360 in Beijing. It was my first visit to China and I had lots of fun observing many things that I only “knew” from reading. The scale and dimension of everything in Beijing is quite a surprise. No wonder why every Western company wants to be there. We had great food and an awesome visit to the Great Wall. A big thank you to the boys and girls from the organization for all their hard work and dedication.

The conference was very cool, even if it was full of “security guards” and metal detectors at entry. Stefan’s presentation was pretty epic (as usual) and I particurarly liked Jonathan Brossard presentation (maybe because he attacked some assumptions in the malware industry). As usual there was almost no exchange of ideas between the atendees and speakers. This is something that really bothers me in conferences. It seems like a lost opportunity for both sides to learn new things. Don’t be shy people, speakers are like you with the extra work of having to speak in public.

My slides are available here. They contain a quick review of previous presentations made this year, and some new stuff attacking Volatility and signed kernel extensions to be introduced in Mavericks. Once again, simple stuff that is effective and easy to implement. What else do we need?