A few days late but, Happy New Year! 2014 is gone and it was an interesting year. Learnt quite a few new things in different areas, created tons of code, and got a couple of very interesting ideas to explore in 2015.

It also ended in a great way with a visit to CodeBlue to present BadXNU, a rotten apple. If there’s city and country I always wanted to visit, those were Tokyo and Japan. My (unusual) quite high expectations were matched by a very interesting mega city. I was quite surprised with its efficiency for such a gigantic town. And because I don’t speak Japanese I loved every “lost in translation” moment, where shop attendants kept speaking in Japanese. I don’t know, I just love these small things. Definitely can’t wait to get back to Tokyo and keep discovering the city; there are too many things to see, and still missing the rest of Japan. Phewwww!

CodeBlue definitely shattered my expectations. It was impecably organized (many thanks to Kana, El Kentaro, Tessy, and everyone else for their amazing work and effort), was packed on both days (!), had a curious and motivated audience (at least that was my feeling), and a great program. Definitely highly recommended if you want to attend or speak there.

Unfortunately you will have to wait for SyScan 2015 for the slides and source code. I always like to release everything as soon as possible but this time it’s special so please allow me the exception. I guess it will be worth the wait.

2015 is starting with extremely motivated work on the OS X Rootkits book. Due to many reasons the project was stopped but I finally got the time and focus to resume work and make it a reality, together with my co-authors nemo and snare. I really hope it will be worth the wait, we are going to do our best. So keep an eye for it.

Last but not least, I’m linking to the SyScan360 slides. I forgot to write a post about SyScan360 and link those slides. The slide count is a bit bigger than the ShakaCon set (I can’t remember the differences now but I probably tuned some details and added a few things).

SyScan 360 – Fuck You Hacking Team Slides

Hope you have a great year and stay healthy.
Have fun,