I guess my goal for the remaining 2015 of not doing any presentations will not happen. Two weeks ago I presented at BSides Lisbon 2015 and last week at SECUINSIDE 2015.

I’m very happy to see BSides Lisbon returning after the first edition in 2013. Congrats to Bruno, Tiago, and the rest of the team for making it happen. It’s still a small conference but I’m glad they are making it happen, and I will always do my best to help the Portuguese scene going forward. Everything went pretty well and met some new cool guys. I hope the conference returns in 2016 and keeps growing. Maybe someday it can mutate into something independent of BSides and on its own. Portugal is a great country for conferences, I’m just not the right person to start one, but I’ll definitely help my best anyone who wants to give it a shot.
The presentation is the same as CodeBlue and SyScan since the CFP happened a few months ago. Nothing new in the slides, a fix here and there.

The next was SECUINSIDE in Seoul. This is a very special conference to me because it was the first ever conference I presented at, back in 2012. I never had any plans to ever present at security conferences. I liked my low profile and this blog was good enough to spread the knowledge I wanted to. But I try to be flexible and always open to new adventures, so at the time I accepted HiTCON invitation (they were the first ones) and then SECUINSIDE’s invitation. SECUINSIDE was happening first so at the time I created a different presentation. It was a crazy trip because I did a Porto – Seoul roundtrip, and four days later I went to Taiwan. That was some crazy jetlag!
So this year I went back to SECUINSIDE. Thanks to beist, Ryan, trimo, and everyone else for the great time in Seoul. The presentation is a new one, made in just a week. It’s essentially an introduction to EFI reverse engineering and hunting for EFI rootkits.

I received yesterday the good news that I was accepted to do the same presentation at 44Con. This is great and I will have enough time to improve the slides. Probably add some new content and tools, since there is good stuff expected out of Thunderstrike 2 presentation.

And here they are:

BSides Lisbon 2015 – BadXNU, A rotten apple!
SECUINSIDE 2015 – Is there an EFI monster inside your apple?

As usual, enjoy and have fun.