So I finally decided to bite the bullet and migrate from Wordpress to Hugo.

I wanted to migrate out of Wordpress for a while but the amount of work required to keep the site structure due to SEO and migrating content always stopped me from doing it. I also wanted to keep the site comments feature and since I don’t like to use cloud services such as Disqus it created another big obstacle to this operation.

I was already using Hugo to the generate Papers since I liked Hugo because of its simplicity and no external dependencies to use it. A single go binary and that’s it.

I spent the past days revising every single blogpost (there are migration tools but they started having problems and removed my trust on them - a job well done sometimes requires patience and a lot of hard work) and converting them to markdown format used by Hugo. The link structure is the same so no broken links problems.

Also tried to fix some dead links since this blog is almost 10 years old and some older blog posts contain links to sites that do not exist anymore.

I also revived some introduction to cracking and reversing tutorials blogposts that were made private in the past. Enough time has passed for the targets to not be relevant anymore in terms of commercial value.

So for now the comments possibility is gone. I might open a Github repo where issues can be used as some sort of replacement for comments (I think there are comments solutions for Hugo based on Github). Meanwhile you can always mail me or show up at #osxre IRC channel at

RSS should be working again. That thing was broken on my Wordpress version and I could never find time to try to fix it.

If you find any broken/missing links, pictures, data, files, please drop me a tweet or mail.

Have fun,