Lately I have been working on a new blog post about running macOS on Ryzen via KVM/QEMU. There was a need to change some blog code and because my theme fork is two years or so outdated, I decided last night to dive deep into updating and fixing it.

It finally renders better into mobile devices (tablets that is). It is still unfixed for phones and I am not going to bother to fix it. This isn’t a blog to read in a phone, mostly because the code snippets are too wide, and honestly not worth the time. Text width has increased where it is supported. Always thought it was too narrow and made some code snippets hard to read. It looks better in bigger screens (I think I am going to increase the font size in higher resolutions, since it looks too small right now). Also installed a new font and fixed the difference from main page to article content (sans serif vs serif fonts). The menu bar is also fixed and shouldn’t look like crap in mobile devices.

Also a “significant” change is dropping the macOS from its name. I still use macOS out of lazyness (and Little Snitch…) but I am pretty much out of interest with the platform. Let’s say that my time at Apple was maybe the swan song. The platform lockdown is not interesting at all (doesn’t solve any security problem, just makes it a darker black box) and it’s only going to get worse with the ARM transition. There is no point in innovating and trying new approaches if you can’t implement them or they are near to impossible on next major release one year later.

My mistake was to spend too much time with this platform. You get older, you get lazier. I had a lot of fun, travelled around the world speaking about it, and I guess helped a bit to develop interest in this platform as a target. It was a good run, but it’s time to move on. There is already lots of good people in macOS/iOS platform and that’s good a thing. But it’s also more of the same most of the time, so it’s really not anymore unchartered territory like it was years ago.

It didn’t help that past years I have pretty much converted myself mostly into a developer and less a reverse engineer. That kinda annoys me but when I get obsessed about something it’s full throttle. I am still chasing that perfect and nice code. I am an Economist, not an engineer so that might never happen :-). I am also not sure what’s that perfect and nice code - I’ll know when I see it.

Anyway, what’s the point of all this? I want to do an effort to revive content and get somewhat get back to reverse engineering stuff. Improving public knowledge was always my goal so I am trying to create myself an incentive to do it again. Let’s see if it works this time :-).

And no, I’m not dropping the worm logo. I love it!