Blog migration to Hugo

So I finally decided to bite the bullet and migrate from Wordpress to Hugo.

I wanted to migrate out of Wordpress for a while but the amount of work required to keep the site structure due to SEO and migrating content always stopped me from doing it. I also wanted to keep the site comments feature and since I don’t like to use cloud services such as Disqus it created another big obstacle to this operation.

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https is now (finally) supported!

Hummm this is something that I should have done a long time ago but was always too lazy since there’s not highly critical information here (except some hashes and my PGP key/id). Anyway, you can finally access the blog over I still need to understand if there’s any impact on Google search stuff by moving it to HTTPS only. Better late then never. Oh and fuck you David Cameron and your stupid populist ideas. [Read More]

Happy New Year!

A few days late but, Happy New Year! 2014 is gone and it was an interesting year. Learnt quite a few new things in different areas, created tons of code, and got a couple of very interesting ideas to explore in 2015. It also ended in a great way with a visit to CodeBlue to present BadXNU, a rotten apple. If there’s city and country I always wanted to visit, those were Tokyo and Japan. [Read More]

Happy new year, 2013 edition!

And 2012 (Gregorian calendar version) is almost over so it’s time to look back and ahead. This year was certainly a great one for myself. Had quite a few interesting projects, went to Asia and spoke at conferences for the first time, improved a lot my skills and fulfilled the main 2012 goal. It was certainly a very busy but fun year that set the pace for 2013. The projects’ queue for 2013 is already very interesting with lots of (fun) work ahead! [Read More]

5 years of

Happy birthday to this blog! In 2007 I bought my first-ever Apple computer and started this blog. The amount of (public) reverse-engineering related information was scarce, cracking in particular. It was a whole new platform to me and a blog would be a good way to share my findings with others. I had experienced this with the PalmOS platform, where I created quite a few tutorials but never made them public. [Read More]

See you in Asia!

I will be presenting in Taiwan at HiTCON, and in Seoul at Secuinside. If you are there, come and say hi! I don’t bite. The HiTCON presentation will be focused on OS X malware and Secuinside about starting reversing adventures in OS X/iOS. While slides shouldn’t be the presentation main focus, I’m trying to make them usable for everyone outside the conferences. It’s not an easy task and the introduction to reversing is revealing itself much harder than I thought. [Read More]

A little social and economics experiment

I have a passion for the Human brain and Human behavior and I love to experiment with anything. My birthday is near so it’s a good time to go forward with this idea. The starting point is that this blog is absolutely non-profit oriented and that status will remain forever – no banners, no donations, etc. I do it purely for fun, pleasure and knowledge improvement, altough it generates positive externalities (aka work! [Read More]

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and some notes...

Merry Christmas or whatever applies or not to your particular case, and much more important, Happy New Year! The world is messed up and it will probably get worse in 2012. Cheer up and be positive! Let me write some quick notes about some stuff: Take a look at Snare’s presentation about OS X Rootkits! Available at Papers section or here. Check out the fantastic Hopper disassembler and decompiler here or at the Mac App Store. [Read More]

4th anniversary...

This blog is more or less 4 years old (the first draft post is from 2007/09/25)… Uau, time passed by quickly! Mistakes were made, valuable lessons were learnt, new tricks developed, knowledge improved, and most important, fun! I created this blog because there was so little public information about reversing in OS X. The act of sharing information and knowledge helps you in the research and learning process. Unfortunately I cannot share as much as I wanted to – the world is full of greed and stupidity (read Survival of the Stupidest) and someone will always misuse information. [Read More]

The sad state of reverse engineering software/hardware protections

I have just finished reading the legal papers served against Geohot regarding the PS3 jailbreaking/cracking/private keys/etc. It shows the sad state that we have reached into reverse engineering and society as a whole. It’s a fight between knowledge and profit, and in the middle there is a grey area called piracy. My passion for knowledge is very deep and I like to try to understand everything I can. I remember the day I had my Commodore Amiga 500 and someone sent me a disk with a special menu that I never saw before. [Read More]