A collection of crackmes for OS X. Send them to me if you have new ones to add!

User submitted (keep’em coming!):
SHA256( 9a09b12b29f5a76a70dcaa863f777eaceaba68e10d51e20df3ca213df4ac4fcc
SHA256( 5b9005b954d7ac8da40883e5fa78b180ea90f3d526918b22ca9ee84db9b34ad6
SHA256( 22288b4038dc2044cd8bbb5b801c224fb55b2822fb4cbec1b4ed39bb9356b520
SHA256( 266059c011736754ba1548bca85a3b86393c946fabbae0163a735a5af0597470
SHA256( 6f7bc96cd8d774e71aa05cbb3c066f8be8ec78e5d917589b28c9f1e7a4708be5

From MSJ 2009 contest (at least MSJ is good for something :-] ): (SHA1( ed1e7ef4cc2d64cedbdaa85757371be5dae3aecb) (SHA1( 47685aab5f43c064e4b24903f868df1100461ed7) (SHA1( 6eaa7a552ff16320465f40708c9a576bc2f45a51) (SHA1( 704fc7a23b05f923d46d83779aa21fb8e01b672a) SHA1( d658112201949386f025725f1582bf3ef5f73e6a

From HAWKE (someone left the link in the comments, I haven’t tried them yet but the code seems safe): (SHA1( f9b33d549dbb1a4643302f95dc5bc354394d0651) (SHA1( 4c7ce2bbb09588e1b221693946eeb7f3bbdc55eb) (SHA1( 198bc0d61b2128253540430d3c3479b48a0ea6bd) (SHA1( 94e96302a5120c174091e6913ede65cdd21092b5)

From (SHA1( 7f220ed8c72ddf2a17ea8841801dde0b4569ffa7) (SHA1( 0dc117ebb348253eb678e507ba775a3832810a84) (SHA1( b076d0018628ee933cc4d953c403d1519b83e3e0) (SHA1( 1a6162a89d1b33001438ef1d2900771490c496fd)

From MacSerialJunkies 2010 Contest: (SHA1( 50930794ef1fbd8fe72dfbb1fa5aba50b799d460)

8 thoughts on “Crackmes

  1. here is a crackme for : (SHA1( 198bc0d61b2128253540430d3c3479b48a0ea6bd) crackme by hawke in 2009

    it is an applescript keygen i have been working on as a hobby to both learn applescript and how to crack.

    this crackme was so fun to reverse and then program my first file generating keygen for! i am so happy!
    the hardest part was to make a keygen that did not easily give away the answer.

    please enjoy it.


    MD5 hash of = f4085312f012ef5d7d0f70dd572909ba

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