You can find all the patches included in the GDB-NG project at

This is a quick reference page for all my published patches.


(SHA256(all_patches_v0.3.patch.gz)= 38a891327b14b94d73b7e6f5ef66b4848df03a59a8bac5e89b93869046078608)

(SHA1(all_patches.patch)= 74ee59cc213202d2d99c11ca8cde841890a7c7b6)

(SHA1(number_sects_anti_debug.patch)= 628498adc71b91447ba8860cec3829acf0eb7f46)

(SHA1(gdbinit_problem.patch)= efd8ab19d2675d601f02aa7f3b7ca21a9bee7704)

(SHA1(show_raw_bytes.patch)= 6ba57a401c1d3c0f6d7b31743da79ec63603752e)

(SHA256(commands_bug.patch.gz)= b84be03e73a5a5ada59ab8b7fbd595e531fe149446418750d5d747d6598aa6a0)

6 thoughts on “Patches

  1. I have the new xcode 4

    does this mess up the GDB patches? maybe you can enlighten me how to do it. When I run GDB I get EAX:Error while running hook_stop:
    No registers.

    on your example file. (example.c)

    i have the .gdbinit file installed but my output doesn’t look like your output.

    MD5 (gdb-i386-apple-darwin) = 1df485b71c9c656e0dc9228894287be6

    using “all_patches_v.0.2.patch”


    1. I don’t see how xcode could mess with the patches. There’s nothing special about them that could generate problems with the compilers.
      Are you compiling the example as 32 or 64 bits? If 64, are you using the 64bits command (or modified preferences) to allow the 64bits output?

      How did you compile that gdb version?

  2. ok i fixed it. what it was, was that when I was using your example.c file that you said to copy and paste. for some reason when I compiled it, it didn’t have the same breakpoints that you had. the file from


    main(int argc, char *argv[])
    printf(“Hello GDB!\n”);
    printf(“Argument is: %s\n”, argv[1]);

    dunno why??? but when I ran it on the challenge #1 it worked fine.

    1. Because of compilers… You are compiling an example while challenge #1 is already compiled and addresses will be the same for everyone.
      Now that’s a good note to add, although people should think a little and not take everything verbatim. The fun of reversing is exploring everything ehhehee

      Have fun!

  3. I am probably doing something incorrectly, but I cannot seem to compile the gdb-ng version on Yosemite, with Xcode 5.1. I have not used the Darwinbuild option, just gone into gdb-ng/gdb/src and ran ./compile then make. What have I missed?
    This is where the make stops for me.

    ar: ./libiberty.a: Invalid operation
    make[1]: *** [libiberty.a] Error 1
    make: *** [all-libiberty] Error 2

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