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Tales from Crisis, Chapter 1: The dropper’s box of tricks

Mac malware is back to news spotlight, this time with Crisis (insert one of the other thousand names here _____). This malware is nothing more than commercial spy software being sold by a lot of money to governments or something (oh boy, I could make a good living out of this :-X).

I’m lucky enough to have a sample of it (thank you, you know who you are!) and also lucky to be able to talk about it (it uses some similar tricks that I knew about under some contract work – so also a big thank you!).

This post is very long so I decided to change its format. The main page will just display the beginning of the article and you need to click to read the rest. I’m not a great fan of this solution, although most blog readers are from RSS feed. Let’s give it a try with these long articles 🙂

I started reversing Crisis because I’m mostly interested in the rootkit. It is able to hide itself by modifying sLoadedKexts, something that I briefly attempted and failed in the past. More on that in next posts…

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