Reversing and Keygenning qwertyoruiop's Crackme

I was bored this weekend and decided to take some rust out of my reversing skills before they disappear for good. I have spent the past two years or so mostly writing C code (secure C is more like an asymptote but that is why it is a fun challenge) and barely doing any serious reverse engineering and security research. So I decided to revisit some unfinished business with qwertyoruiop’s crackme. I had a look when he originally sent it but got distracted with something else at the time and never finished it. I couldn’t find any public write-up about it so I decided to write one. It is mostly targeted to newcomers to reverse engineering and macOS. You can click the pictures to see the full size version.

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"Sandwich" CrackMe tutorial by qwertyoruiop

This is a cracking and keygen tutorial by the reader qwertyoruiop. He’s having fun doing the crackmes and I asked him to write tutorials about them and he did it! So here it is the first in full glory. Things been quiet around here but busy in real life. I wanted to write a few posts about OS X malware but I’m going to present at a conference in July on that topic (hopefully something interesting! [Read More]