gdbinit v8.0: simultaneous support for x86/x86_64 and ARM architectures!

Here it is, a merge between the x86 and ARM versions of gdbinit. The only inconvenience is that you need to manually change the target, using the 32bits and 64bits commands for x86/x86_64 architectures, and arm for ARM. That’s a small price to pay for. This version features a lot of cosmetic fixes (indentation mostly) but also some fixes to the ARM related code, and a new command – dumpmacho. This command will dump the Mach-O header to a file. [Read More]

gdbinit v7.4.4 – the skip command

Here is a small update to gdbinit with a new command, skip. This command will skip over the current instruction, without executing it. Usually I do it manually by set $pc=newvalue but this involves copy & paste and mouse movements and gets boring after a while. It’s great to skip over calls while you are trying some stuff and analysing some program behavior. By default it will not execute the command at the new address. [Read More]

gdbinit v7.4.2, Github and Twitter

Hello, It seems like things are very quiet and I only push gdbinit updates. Well, I have been very busy with very interesting projects, most of which can’t see yet the “light of the day”. Need to find some time to fool around with some new stuff. It seems that VMprotect is coming to OS X and that is exciting news. I hope they finish it soon since I am curious about Mac specific implementation and tricks. [Read More]

gdbinit v7.4

Hello, Just posting a small update to gdbinit. A friend asked for colouring the registers changes as it happens in Ollydbg. I have enabled it by default (modify variable SHOWREGCHANGES if you don’t like it). I have also added a colour patch that Phillipe sent me – it will colour the 1st line of the disassembly (by default it’s off, modify variable SETCOLOUR1STLINE). Here it is a screenshot of both options enabled: [Read More]

A little vulnerability in The Heist iOS game or how to get (more) free Steam codes for Eets game!

MacHeist released a great puzzle game called The Heist, promising a prize when you managed to open the safe. Since I am a sucker for puzzle games I bought it and gave a brief check on its code. There is a single url in the program and some references to SHA256, this being a good indicator that they thought a little about security. I started playing the game and finally opened the safe. [Read More]

Small update to gdbinit and to the website

I decided to mess around with this blog template style sheets and use a better font and change some minor things. I added three new pages at the navigation bar – one with all available gdbinit files in this site, another for my GDB patches and a tag cloud (still have to tag old posts). I will also add a page with all source code published here. This small gdbinit update implements some fixes and a new command rint3 (check the file header for the changelog). [Read More]

Another update to gdbinit for iOS and ARM support to and

I have fixed some of the missing stuff in gdbinit for iOS. Now the jump conditions are displayed for ARM and Thumb modes and the stepo command is working for ARM and semi-working for Thumb (to be fixed in the next release). Also implemented minor cosmetic changes. The tools to show Mach-O header information and calculate offsets to be patched were also updated to support ARM binaries. is by default interactive (you can choose from the available architectures in the binary, if fat), and ptool. [Read More]

gdbinit v0.1 for iOS (iPad at least :-))

I just finished porting gdbinit to iOS. The basic stuff is working except the stepo command (one of my favourites!), the Objective-C selector and showing what will happen with conditional branches (I have to see how to implement this since ARM instructions can be conditional). I have tested it on my iPad with GDB available from Cydia (it seems you can use Apple’s version) and it works, so it should give no special problems with other iOS devices. [Read More]