Measuring OS X Meltdown Patches Performance

Happy New Year and happy ten year anniversary to this blog, which I totally forgot back in October :-/. Blogging activity here has been so slow that I almost forgot how to work with Hugo.

We started 2018 with heavy speculation on critical CPU bugs that were under disclosure embargo. Luckily for us, Google decided to break the embargo and release some proper information about the bugs so speculation could stop and facts could finally flow in. The merits or not of disclosure embargos deserve a serious discussion but this post is not the place for it. This one was for sure a huge mess.

The world was finally introduced to Meltdown and Spectre.

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Cracking a Mac OS X Screensaver

There are days I “hate” my obsessive and curious mind! The day I was checking Apple Just added downloads feed and found this nice screensaver is one of those. 3D Desktop Aquarium Screensaver (available at grabbed my attention because it looks nice and I love fishes. As usual, I started poking around and decided I had to crack it because I never did a screensaver before. The result is another tutorial 😄. [Read More]